Malyi Trostenets (Belarus) – 4th largest extermination camp in Europe during WWII

On June 8, 2014, a ceremony was held on the site of the Maly Trostenets death camp, located in a Minsk, Belarus suburb, marking the commencement of construction of a memorial dedicated to the camp’s casualties. It was the fourth largest World War II death camp in Europe.

According to official statistics 206, 500 civilians from Belarus, and Western and Eastern Europe (including German, Austrian and Polish Jews) were killed there. However, based upon research findings, historians claim that this number could be as high as 500,000 people.


Present picture of the Malyi Trostenets Memorial

The estimated target date for the memorial’s completion is two years, while the estimated cost of this project is 10 million Euros.

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5 Responses to Malyi Trostenets (Belarus) – 4th largest extermination camp in Europe during WWII

  1. Lizzy Elsby says:

    Please be advised!!!!! The link about Maly Trostenets which you are sharing on your page, is a Holocaust Revisionist web site. It is highly inappropriate and offensive and detracts from the serious and excellent work you are doing on your blog .I would urge you to consider removing it.

  2. Lizzy Elsby says:

    it is a revisionist website,written by holocaust revisionists and deniers.. please see the members of staff and read the lists of their published works.It is quite clear as well in the actual wording of the article of the link.

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