Ancestral Trip Testimonial

For those of you who are thinking about taking an ancestral trip to Belarus, we would like to share a recent testimonial from one of our clients who just returned from their trip.

Hi Yuri,

We are finally back from our Poland-Belarus trip and would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a wonderful experience that united us and brought us closer to our Belarusian  ancestors. Katya guided us in a sensitive and thoughtful way and was always super receptive and there to translate our needs (from extra milk for the coffee to frequent toilette breaks on our long rides). Andrei in the Kletsk museum was very knowledgeable and well prepared for with specific details of our Kletsk relatives’ fate and stories. So was Boris Erusalyim in Grodno. Last, but not least, our driver Yuri who was sensitive and super empathic at some very emotional moments.

This trip would never have turned to such a positive experience without your professional orchestration.

We wish you health and all the best for the future!

The Bonets, Yonas and

Samochas Ramat-Gan, Tel Aviv and Sydney

testimonial photo

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One Response to Ancestral Trip Testimonial

  1. Alex says:

    Hi Yuri

    I am working with a translator to answer some questions about my ancestors shtetl of Nesvits. Could you send me your email so that I could also forward these questions to you?

    I was in Belarus this May.

    Thank you for your blog and your work, very interesting, amusing at times and moving.

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