1853 Synagogues of Minsk uezd / Samokhvalovichi, Ostroshitsky Gorodok , Rakov, Ivenets, Kamen, Stolbtsy, Sverzhen, Koydanovo, Rubezhevichi

Earlier in May 2014 we already published a list of synagogues of Mozyr uezd with names of town, rabbi and staff. Today we are posting a similar list of synagogue of Minsk uezd.


 Former building of the synagogue in shtetl Ivenetz. The building was returned to the jewish community of Belarus and currently remains vacant.

According to the 1850 Census of the Russian Empire, the Jewish population had grown more than half since the previous census in 1834 to 2,350,00 people.  Within the Pale of Settlement, 25 percent of the population was Jewish.  Therefore, the Russian government began receiving many more inquiries for the construction of synagogues.

In 1853, the Russian government conducted an inventory of the existing synagogues.  Its purpose was to have a better count of the operating synagogues. The government’s findings indicated that synagogues in a majority of shtetls within the Pale of Settlement had been built without obtaining the necessary construction permits, and, as the government’s document indicates, they had been operating since the “beginning of time”.





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9 Responses to 1853 Synagogues of Minsk uezd / Samokhvalovichi, Ostroshitsky Gorodok , Rakov, Ivenets, Kamen, Stolbtsy, Sverzhen, Koydanovo, Rubezhevichi

  1. I`m am looking for notices from Bernstein`s families in Belorussia, Minsk or nearest places. My father Nevach (“Noier, Noel”) Bernstein, my uncle Julio Berenstein, come to Brasil, and I am Salomão (Shloime in idish) Bernstein born at may, 24, 1944in Rio de Janeiro Brasil. Thanks.

  2. marsha rapp says:

    how can i find information on Samokhvalovichi?

  3. Lara Tsinman says:

    I am looking for vital records or other notices of Shapira family that was living in Mogilev after 1870, but obviously originated from Samokhvalovichi. My grandfather Khaim Avraham Shapira was born in 1850 and appeeared as Samokhvalovicihi meshchanin in several Mogilev vital records of his children.

  4. Great work. I look forward to your entries for Pruzahany and Malcha. Thanks again.

    Mona Morris
    Founding President
    JGS Palm Beach County

  5. Anna Doggart says:

    We have a calling card of my uncle who was called Efim Haim Friedland and on the back it says “please look after this young man who is the grand grandson of the great Gogol of Minsk”. Do you know the name of this Gogol please? Thanks Anna Doggart from England

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