1946 JDC List of Jewish Residents of Belarus Who Survived WWII

In early 1946, after the end of WWII, the International Red Cross Committee was sent to the Soviet Union to estimate the magnitude of destruction and how to help survivors.

While touring many places around the Soviet Union, the committee stopped in a few towns and shtetls in Belarus.

Among the committee members was the Joint Distribution Committee’s representative, who compiled a list of those who had survived the Holocaust and returned to their pre-war homes. The goal was to send parcels of food and clothing to those people and families.

The list includes more than 80 heads of Jewish households in Belarus, including names, place of residency and, in some cases, the address.

Due to the importance of this information, we are publishing the full list below:

ll1 ll2 ll3 ll4 ll5

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3 Responses to 1946 JDC List of Jewish Residents of Belarus Who Survived WWII

  1. Richard Sandler says:

    My grandmothers maiden name. She also lived in Grodno. #62 Shmulevitch.

  2. Elliott Terman says:

    Some time ago I found evidence of a son of my maternal grand uncle who came back to NovoMysh after fighting in WWII for the Russian Army. He was sent to a JOINT camp in Tashkent, where he met his future wife. They subsequently went to Israel after a brief stop in Austria. He’s gone now, but his family still lives in Israel.

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